As blockchain innovation transforms the global economy and society, platforms often lack the specialized knowledge and informed perspective necessary to evaluate and respond to fast-moving issues and circumstances encompassing the cryptocurrency space. 

No one would argue that the blockchain space is riddled with bad press due to hacks, cons, fraud, scam, thefts,cyber attacks etc. Our industry still has the stigma “Wild Wild West” and many look to regulators to provide legislation to prevent such malicious attacks. We believe that it does not make sense to rely on local regulators to provide legislation for global products. MV Labs builds SRIN or Self Regulatory In Nature products that aim to set the standard in the industry for things such as crowdfunding (ICOs), Exchange compliance and Financial instruments. In the spirit of decentralization we believe in giving people options to the existing platforms that we believe bring far better user protection, making it extremely difficult for bad actors to operate.


Master Ventures focuses on solving a host of critical problems around transparency, self-regulation, liquidity, and community, surrounding the blockchain space to a global market.


Cryptopia is a co-working and co-living crypto space based on the remote and beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand undergoing development. MV has hosted over 35 residents at Cryptopia on Koh Phangan, with dozens of influential visitors such as Tone Vays, Hen Global, Mike “Shill” Nye, Willy Woo, Didi “The Bitcoin Family” visiting the property to co-work and co-live in paradise.

Crypto Exchange Alliance (CEA) is a consortium of exchanges that will benefit from different service offerings CEA offers. Among the service offerings include a cross exchange order matching engine that will help bring liquidity to exchanges and increase volume for all via a global order book, and a universal API utilized for all exchanges. Ultimately, CEA will aid exchanges allowing them to become sustainable, trusted, and transparent. See here for more details about our platform.